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5 Things You Should Watch This Week

Life is busy. And after all of your dadly duties, you’re lucky if you have a few hours a week to spend catch up on the latest show or movie, let alone decide what to watch (because, well, there’s a new series that pops up every week) To keep you from wasting your precious downtime channel-surfing or scrolling through Amazon Prime’s hypnotic interface, here’s a curated list of some shows and movies you should be sure to catch this week.

Television (Stream)


Remember in your younger days how you were cracking into your industry and just barely making it? You had some older vets give you advice and steer you on your way? That’s what Pete Holmes is doing in this series, but he’s doing it in stand-up comedy and he’s much older. Pete plays “Pete Holmes” in a semi-autobiographical role, and looks to make it in comedy after his wife cheats on him. The series is executive-produced by Judd Apatow (and he directs a few episodes) and HBO recently picked it up for a second season. Catch up now, before it becomes the next Louie.

Crashing season 1 is airing every Sunday and on-demand on HBO and HBO Go

Dave Chappelle Collection 1

He’s back! In the first of 2 collections of never-before-scene stand-up comedy specials, Chappelle is pulling from his personal vault. The first set, Collection 1, was filmed in Austin in 2015, while the second was recorded a year ago in Los Angeles. These mark Chappelle’s first televised stand-up specials since 2004’s For What It’s Worth. Now you can finally stop watching Chappelle’s Show reruns.

Dave Chappelle’s new stand-up comedy specials are currently on Netflix

Movies In Digital Stores

Rogue One

Finally, you can sit at home and analyze every frame of Rogue One. Did animators really get General Tarkin’s subtle disdain for everyone he speaks to? Was C-3PO’s right leg silver? Who says “I’ve got a bad feeling about this”? Bring home Rogue One and memorize it before Episode VIII hits theaters this winter.

Rogue One will be available for digital download on March 24 on iTunes and Amazon

In Theaters


Surprise! Hollywood loves reboots. But this time Dax Shepard who wrote, stars and directed the film, left the elements of the 70s in the past and made what he told USA Today a, “Bad Boys movie version” of the old series. Co-starring Michael Pena, the raunchy comedy follows the adventures of 2 of California’s Highway Patrol officers and does all it can to earn its R-rating (check out the red band trailer here). Using his dad-smarts, Shepard casted his real-life wife, Kristen Bell, to play his character’s foolish bombshell girlfriend. Bell even stopped breast-feeding for a day for the role. That’s just good ol’ resourceful parenting.

Chips is in theaters this Friday



Life looks as if Alien and Gravity hooked up one night to make this movie. Ryan Reynolds and Jake Gyllenhaal star in this deep space thriller where a mysterious looking specimen found on Mars turns out to as strong as a gorilla and presumably eats humans for dinner. And no, this movie is not a prequel to the Spider-Man villain and upcoming Marvel film, Venom. That rumor is on the same level of the Pixar films theory, but it’s already been debunked by Sony. Although, it still could just be a bluff.

Life is in theaters this Friday

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