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‘The Walking Dead’ Finale, ‘Ghost In The Shell’ And Everything You Should Watch This Week

Life is busy. And after all of your dadly duties, you’re lucky if you have a few hours a week to spend catch up on the latest show or movie, let alone decide what to watch (because, well, there’s a new series that pops up every week). To keep you from wasting your precious downtime channel-surfing or scrolling through Amazon Prime’s hypnotic interface, here’s a curated list of some shows and movies you should be sure to catch this week.

On Television

Big Little Lies

The 7 episode HBO mini-series comes to an end this week. The tranquil town of Monterey, Calif., is not what it seems as secrets and lies are told through the lives of 3 mothers played by Reese Witherspoon, Nicole Kidman, and Shailene Woodley. It’s a dark comedy, so there’s sex, murder, and a lot more sex. It’s everything you expect from an HBO series just without all of the sci-fi or fantasy stuff from their other shows.

Big Little Lies series finale airs on April 2 on HBO and HBO Go

The Walking Dead

The season finale of your favorite post-apocalyptic series airs this Sunday. If you’re a little behind on season 7, we’ll remain spoiler free. But it’s a safe bet something major and mysterious will happen, considering the show’s track record (remember when Negan made you hate the show last year?). But hopefully, this is the episode where you’ll finally see Ezekiel’s pet Bengali tiger Shiva, eat a zombie — or at least a nameless extra.

The Walking Dead season 7 finale airs April 2. TWD episodes can also be accessed through AMC.

On Television (Streaming)

Better Call Saul

Season 3 of Saul will officially debut on AMC in two weeks. But since you’re a dad, you’re most likely still behind on Season 2. Lucky for you, Netflix is streaming last year’s episodes starting right now. Catch up before your coworkers ruin the surprise return of Gus Freeman!

Season 2 of Better Call Saul is currently on Netflix.

In Theaters

Ghost in the Shell

Based on the wildly popular Japanese manga from 1989, which was then made into a critically praised animated film in 1995—Scarlett Johansson stars in the franchise’s first ever live-adaptation. Ghost follows Major (Johansson) a super-powered, cyber-enhanced human who’s out to stop the world’s most dangerous criminals. It’s probably the closest you’ll see Scar Jo as a leading action woman in a big Hollywood blockbuster while Marvel twiddles their thumbs on a Black Widow movie.

Ghost in the Shell is in theaters March 31.

Television (Home Video)

Planet Earth 2

The sequel to the world’s greatest nature documentary is finally available in every format possible this week. Now you can clear out some room on the DVR. David Attenborough’s easing voice as the narrator makes every bit of the doc heartfelt and soothing. The series is not only educational for children, it’s the perfect show to watch if you want to doze off on a quiet Tuesday night.

Planet Earth 2 is on Blu-ray, 4K, and DVD March 28. It’s also available on iTunes and Amazon.