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Proud Dad Will Smith Hilariously Recreated His Son’s ‘Icon’ Music Video

Smith shot the video to celebrate his son's album reaching 100 million streams on Spotify.


There’s nothing a dad loves more than seeing his kid accomplish a goal. So when Jaden Smith’s album SYRE reached 100 million streams on Spotify earlier this week, proud pop Will Smith celebrated by recreating scenes from his son’s  “Icon” music video. Smith showed great attention to detail in his playful tribute to his son’s success, donning the exact same outfit Jaden was wearing in the original video, including a denim jacket, grills, and a gold chain. He even dyed his hair blonde like Jaden because when Will Smith wants the world to know he’s proud, he goes all-out.

Of course, Smith recognizes he isn’t the “Fresh Prince” he once was and hilariously embraces his dorky dad status in the clip. Instead of wearing fresh sneakers like Jaden, Smith opts for plain white socks and some comfy-looking slippers to show he might not be as “with it”anymore. And rather than trying to pull off the designer jeans Jaden wore, Smith donned some extremely short shorts. As a brilliant final touch, Smith’s grills end up falling out when tries to lip sync to some of Jaden’s rapping.

But Smith didn’t just make the video for laughs. After he finished with the goofy imitation of Jaden, he gave a sincere congratulations to his son for the big accomplishment.

“J-diggy, I’m proud of you baby,” Smith said in the video. “100 million streams. Congratulations man, hundred million, congrats. I love you.”

Smith posted the video on his Instagram late last night and in less than 12 hours, the video already has over 800,000 likes and nearly three million views. Hopefully, the video will get even more people to listen to Jaden’s album, as we can only imagine what sort of stunt Smith would pull if SYRE reached 200 million streams.