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Watch Will Ferrell Make a Hilarious Case for Phone-Free Family Dinner

The actor just can't quit his phone in this new campaign from Common Sense Media.

His last crop of movies may have been stinkers (The House anyone?), but Will Ferrell can still bring the funny, particularly when he portrays a stiff suburban dad bubbling with stress. Case in point: the new Common Sense Media video series where he plays a deadbeat dad who can’t put his phone down at dinner.

Part of Common Sense Media’s “#DeviceFreeDinner” campaign the ad shows just how frustrating it is to be around someone who’s lost in a screen. For most of the video, Ferrell’s family laments at the dinner table how much they miss their dad before it’s revealed he’s right there with them – distracted by cat filters. In the other videos for the campaign, the actor is so distracted that he confuses his daughter for his son, and leaving his phone in a basket becomes a major challenge.

The campaign follows new data published by Common Sense that indicates a massive, even disturbing rise in screen time among kids. A recent study found that for children between the ages of 0 and 8, the average amount of time spent with media and mobile devices has increased nearly ten times since 2011. Now, nearly all children age 8 and under live in a home with some type of mobile device, and the number of children who have their own tablet devices is up to 42 percent in 2017, from just 1 percent in 2011.

Bringing levity to this explosion of screen use is a good way to remind families that spending face-to-face time with one another is especially important. And that Ferrell’s still got it.