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Watch the Two Adorable Girls Dominating ‘America’s Got Talent’

The show finally lives up to its name.

America’s Got Talent is typically billed as a show for people who wish American Idol and the Voice replaced 50 percent of their singing with juggling, magic tricks, and Howie Madel. It intentionally leans in on gimmicks and “wtf just happened?” moments to shock the judges and audiences alike, arguably to distract from the fact that most of the contestants who end up the show talent. But this season, the show actually seems to be living up to its name thanks to two young and adorable singers, Celine Tam, 9, and Angelica Hale, 10, who stole this week’s show with two powerhouse performances.

Celine delivered an incredible rendition of Moana‘s “How Far I’ll Go,” undoubtedly putting herself on Disney’s radar as a possible future princess. Celine has been blowing people away all season, most famously when she channeled another Celine in a truly epic cover of “My Heart Will Go On.” It was even good enough to win over Simon Cowell, who has reportedly only smiled twice in his entire life.

Not to be outdone, Angelica gave her own unbelievable performance with a cover of David Guetta’s “Without You.” She has been one of the breakout contestants on the show since day one. This latest song will certainly reinforce that status.

How two girls this young have such incredible range and command over their voices is anyone’s guess, but it’s hard not to enjoy watching them only get better with every performance. Some people may enjoy the more outlandish antics of dog performers and Chris Angel wannabes, but Celine and Angelica are bringing some much-needed substance to a show that has survived and thrived almost solely off of style.