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Watch This Toddler Try to Defend His Sister During Her Wrestling Match

He thought she was being attacked and ran in to help.

They may scream. They may tug-of-war with their toys. They may windmill kick one another for no damn reason. But when the moment calls, siblings undoubtedly will have one another’s backs. Want some proof? During a recent pee-wee wrestling match between a young girl and boy, the girl’s little brother, thinking his sister was being attacked, charges in from the sidelines to protect her. He tackles her opponent and also gives him a pretty great don’t-mess-with-my-sister stink eye before getting scooped up by a man who is presumably his dad. Did it matter that her opponent was twice his toddler size? Hell no. He thought his big sister was in jeopardy and sprang into action.

The video footage, captured by a fan and posted by Jukin Media, appears to be from a local wrestling match in Indiana. “That is the best thing I’ve ever seen,” says someone off screen after the little defender was picked up and brought back to the sideline. Was he exaggerating? Ummm yeah. But his reaction really sums up the sheer excitement of seeing such a noble, if misunderstood, attempt at gallantry. And also how boring watching pee wee wrestling can truly be.