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Watch This Dad Hilariously Reenact ‘Overwatch’ Game Gestures

Overwatch is a worldwide phenomenon, as millions all around the globe play the animated first-person shooter. But whether or not you’re a hardcore gamer or someone who can’t tell Mario from Master Chief, you’ll get a kick watching this rad dad imitate the characters. Clad in a polo, khaki shorts, and some Sperry’s, the theatrical dad, whose name is Mike Luciano, uses a variety of gardening tools and other miscellaneous items (including a Statue of Liberty foam hat) to reenact the unique gestures of some of the game’s 24 characters. The video already has over 350,000 views in just three days.

This isn’t the first time Mike Luciano has recreated gaming moves. He was previously convinced by his son to recreate the victory poses of characters from Street Fighter (his E.Honda is inspired), Super Smash Bros. (his Princess Peach is is particularly rad), both of which nabbed nearly 1 million views. Let’s hope he continues the series; Mike’s enthusiasm would be put to good use recreating some Tekken celebrations.