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How To Watch ‘Moonlight’ And All The Big Winners From The 2017 Oscars

It’s hard being a film buff this time of year when you’re a dad — mostly because the last movie you got to see in the theater was Finding Dory. And even though you weren’t caught up, the Oscars were still handed out. That’s why your Facebook feed filled up with GIFs from Hollywood’s best films and you were left wondering what this musical with Emma Stone is all about.

It’s an understatement that parents are tight on time, so here’s a cheat sheet to tell you a) what all the biggest films of the year are about and b) where you can watch them right now. Because your coworkers DGAF about spoiler alerts.

Best Picture


The winner for Best Picture (and Best Supporting Actor in Mahershala Ali) takes a look at 3 life-changing moments for Chiron, the lead character at 3 different ages. Moonlight also took home the award for Best Writing Adapted Screenplay, so that means Hollywood will likely make a movie about how this movie was made in 30 years.

Where To Watch: iTunes | Amazon


La La Land

This movie became the film you haven’t seen, but you’ve heard so much about it, you feel like you saw it twice. La La Land is a love-letter to Hollywood and follows Mia’s (Emma Stone) struggles to make ends meet in Tinseltown. Plus, it’s a musical so she dances with Ryan Gosling a bunch. It’s charming. And Stone won Best Actress. It’s gotta be the dancing.

Where To Watch: Theaters

Hidden Figures

This true story is based on 3 African-American women (played by Taraji P. Henson, Octavia Spencer, and Janelle Monáe) working in NASA in the early 1960s. The women were key in sending astronaut John Glen to space. It’s like Apollo 13, but without any catchphrases and really not a lot of space stuff. Figures did not take home any gold last night, but remember Shawshank never won an Oscar in any category.

Where To Watch: Theaters


Denzel Washington takes a turn as player/coach and directs himself as Troy Maxson, a blue-collar African-American father who comes to terms with the events of his life while raising his family in 1950s Pittsburgh. Viola Davis plays Denzel’s wife Rosa, and won Best Supporting Actress because she can do anything.

Where To Watch: iTunes | Amazon


Dev Patel stars as Saroo, who 25 years after getting lost in a train station in Calcutta, goes on a journey to find his biological family. It’s like Home Alone, but there’s no slapstick humor or Joe Pesci. Lion did not win any awards last night, but it’s an honor being nominated, right?

Where To Watch: Theaters

Hacksaw Ridge

Directed by Mel Gibson, this is the real-life tale of Desmond Doss (Andrew Garfield) who became the first military combat medic who was a conscientious objector and rewarded the Medal of Honor. Since Hollywood loves war films, Ridge won a few awards including Best Film Editing and Best Sound Mixing.

Where To Watch: iTunes | Amazon

Manchester By The Sea

Casey Affleck is finally out of his big brother’s shadow, winning Best Actor in this tearjerker. Affleck plays everyday Joe, Lee Chandler, who becomes the guardian of his nephew after the boy’s father dies. There’s more sadness to it, but you don’t win “Best Actor” for starring in a comedy.

Where To Watch: iTunes | Amazon


The winner of Best Sound Editing (yes, that’s a thing) is also the only sci-fi drama on the list. Arrival sees Superman’s girlfriend (Amy Adams) and Hawkeye (The Hurt Locker dude) translate the messages being sent from all those alien ships that suddenly showed up on earth. If you’ve ever seen an alien or sci-fi movie, then you know this won’t end well for humans.

Where To Watch: iTunes | Amazon

O.J.: Made In America

This amazing documentary follows the life story of O.J. Simpson, not only through his infamous time during the “trial of the century” but also his football career and how he transcended race and pop culture before the white Bronco chase. This enthralling doc is worthy of its Best Documentary Feature win, but it also clocks in near 8 hours. Plus, you know how it ends. But it’s really good for your next sick day.

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