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Watch The 2017 Oscar Winners ‘Zootopia’ And ‘The Jungle Book’, Plus The Nominees

The Oscars are in the bag and your Facebook feed is already filled with memes from movie’s biggest night. While you may have seen a few of the Best Picture flicks (thanks date night!), your kid is way more interested in what the Academy Of Motion Picture Arts And Sciences considers to be the best films in animation and visual effects. Here is how you can watch the winners (Zootopia and The Jungle Book), and all of the nominees right now via the Internet.

Best Animated Feature


Jason Bateman is finally an Oscar winner. You thought it was going to be Finding Dory (not nominated) or Moana (nominated) but this isn’t a popularity contest (we’re looking at you, The Grammys!). The film follows Zootopia’s first bunny cop, who must team up with a cynical fox to uncover a conspiracy. But anyone can see it won for all those sloth jokes.

How To Watch: Zootopia is currently streaming on Netflix.


The Nominees

Kubo And The 2 Strings

Kubo goes on a quest for a magical suit of armor worn by his late father in order to defeat a vengeful spirit from the past. The critics loved it, your kids love it, and if you manage to stay awake after housing half a pizza during movie night, you’ll love it, too.

How To Watch: Kubo is currently available to rent and own on digital download and on Blu-ray.


When a curse by the self-absorbed demigod Maui leaves her people starving, Moana, a Polynesian island chief’s daughter sails off on a quest to squash that beef. The popular movie proves Disney can still make epic animated features and The Rock is still the people’s champion.

How To Watch: You can buy the movie now on iTunes.  Also, it may still be in theaters in select cities.


My Life As A Zucchini

Just your typical Swedish movie about a boy named Zucchini. You’re thinking, “Why would I subject my afternoon to watching a Scandinavian vegetable?” but the movie is a heartwarming story follows the orphan boy and how he adjusts to new life and new friends at an orphanage. Not a VeggieTale in sight.

How To Watch: Zucchini is currently playing in select theaters.


The Red Turtle

Castaway meets The Blue Lagoon, but instead of volleyballs or naked Brooke Shields, it’s a giant red turtle. Turtle is a wordless film following a castaway’s life on a deserted island — well, deserted except for that red reptile. There’s no talking, no singing animals, but plenty of Oscar-bait.

How To Watch: The film was is still is still in theaters in select cities.


Best Visual Effects

Somehow Hollywood thinks Visual Effects are deserving of a nod, but stuntmen are just worthless. Other than a Mark Wahlberg movie that your kids shouldn’t watch (unless they’re teens), and Marvel’s latest venture in superhero (Doctor Strange) this year’s nominees are visually stunning, kid friendly masterpieces.

The Jungle Book

A live-action adaption of the famed Disney cartoon sounds complicated to make, but incredible to watch. As in the original, it follows the classic story of Mowgli growing up as a human boy in an animal world. But when you see Baloo stand up and speak like Bill Murray, you know live-action and CGI can now do anything animation can.

How To Watch: The Jungle Book is currently streaming on Netflix.


The Nominees

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

Say what you will about a CGI Grand Moff Tarkin and young Princess Leia— Rogue One did a heckuva job in the field of visual awesomeness. (Powerful you have become, computers.) Let’s hope you don’t go to the Dark Side and stop casting actors.

How To Watch: If you’re the only family who hasn’t seen the $1-billion-grossing film, Rogue One is slated to come out on Blu-ray and digital download in March.