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This Guy’s ‘Nightmare Before Christmas’ Light Show Wins Halloween

Consider the house illumination bar raised.

Anyone readying their over-the-top lighting decorations for the holiday season: consider the bar raised. YouTube user Tom BetGeorge Halloween’d the hell out of his house with an epic Nightmare Before Christmas-themed light show. In a four-minute video posted to his account, Tom showed off his hard work and flair for the dramatic, as the lights perfectly flash in sync with the popular Nightmare song “This Is Halloween.” There are neon gravestones that flash “RIP”. There’s a clutter of spiders. There’s a light-up pumpkin whose mouth moves in perfect sync with the song’s narrator. It’s incredible.

From a technical standpoint, this video is a masterpiece. The amount of planning it took to create such a spectacle must’ve been considerable. But it definitely paid off. Each new note or lyric of the song works as a sound cue to reveal a new part of Tom’s decorations.

This is hardly Tom’s first electric light rodeo. Last year, he made an incredible Harry Potter-themed light show and two years ago he paid tribute to Star Wars. Clearly, this man has a gift for transforming his house into a fun escape to all sorts of amazing fantasy worlds.

Our humble suggestion for next year? Jurrasic Park. It’s got everything people love: a great score, tons of dinosaurs, and Jeff Goldblum. Life, uhh, finds a way.