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Watch Jake Elliott’s Parents React to Their Son’s Game Winning 61-Yard Field Goal

The rookie scored the longest field goal in Eagles history, and his parents went bonkers.

After the Eagles defeated the Giants yesterday by way of a 61-yard field goal as the clock ran out, the entire city of Philadelphia went wild. But chances are no one went as crazy as the parents of Jake Elliott, the rookie kicker who nailed the game-winning kick — and notched a franchise record for longest field goal. Someone captured smartphone footage of Elliott’s mom and dad before and after the kick. The rollercoaster of emotions they experienced is just *kisses fingers like a chef.*

It’s a hell of a scene, with Elliott’s dad on the verge of cheers and his mom going nuts. Elliott, who was drafted by the Bengals back in April before being cut Labor Day weekend, only signed with the Eagles two weeks ago when Caleb Sturgis got injured on opening day. Coaches decided to call on him if the kick was 56 yards or closer. But with few options remaining — and less than 10 seconds on the clock — they gave Elliott the shot and he ended up kicking the longest field goal in Eagles history. Watching the culmination of this journey play out on his parent’s faces is really something special.