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Watch a 14-Year-Old Little League Player Make the Catch of the Year

Fourteen-year-old Jack Regenye made an incredible grab.

Apologies to the Rockies’ Carlos Gonzalez, but 14-year-old Jack Regenye has our vote catch of the year when the Little Leaguer managed to hold on to a ball despite doing a flip over the outfield fence. The spectacular grab occurred during the Junior League World Series championship game over the weekend when Kennet Square, the East Region representative for the U.S., matched up against Chinese Taipei. Jack was playing centerfield for Kennet Square when a Taipei player managed to crush a ball that looked like it was ready to go the distance. Jack, however, had other plans.

Doing his best Superman-impression, Jack was able to perfectly time his flight over the fence to rob his opponents of a home run. It’s hard to exaggerate the skill level required to make such a play, as it’s the type of grab that several professional players have tried (and failed) to make. Having the awareness and athleticism to hold onto that ball while running full speed at the fence is truly remarkable.

The internet immediately took notice of Jack’s insane skills and many began to wonder if they had just witnessed the greatest catch since Willie Mays. Robert Flores, an MLB journalist, called it one of the most amazing plays he’s ever seen and even Atlanta Falcons linebacker Vic Beasley gave Jack a shoutout on Twitter.

Despite Jack’s incredible grab, Chinese Taipei defeated Kennet Square 12-1 to win the Junior League World Series. Still, it’s hard to think that when people remember this game in 10 years, it will be for anything other than Jack’s superhuman catch.