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Watch This Guy Fling Himself Off A Ramp in a Barbie Car

The extreme athletes in the Nitro Circus are famous for their amazing bike, scooter, and skateboard stunts. And while gliding off ramps and flipping three times before landing never gets old, the Circus team is nothing if not extreme — and extremely innovative. So how does one rachet up the stunts? One way: Add some Barbie cars and boogie boards.

The “contraptions” — as cameraman and defacto commentator Ryan Williams refers to them — featured prominently in Nitro Circus’s West Virginia stop on their North American tour. Some of the highlights: Dusty Wygle rode a modified boogie board with wheels off the ramp, flipped it around, and rode away on his feet. Another athlete rode a half-full shopping cart and crashed onto the landing area. Finally, Wygle showed up again and flew off the ramp in a Barbie car which he just barely managed to stay on. He closed his eyes when the mini-car reached its zenith, and the video slows down to show just how high he got and how hard the impact was.

Upon getting up, Williams asked Wygle how he felt. “It feels good,” he responded. “It feels good to make something every once in a while.” It’s hard to imagine how Wygle came up with the ideas to launch a Barbie car and put wheels on a boogie board in the first place, but that’s why he gets paid the big bucks. And it probably gives you some inspiration for what to do with those toys once your kids outgrow them.