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Watch French Parents Riot at a Nutella Sale

A chocolate spread so good you'll just punch someone in the face for it.

In a scene that resembles a Walmart Parking lot at 5 AM on Black Friday, French shoppers were crawling all over each other to get their hands on a deal of the century. But this wasn’t an out-of-this-world markdown on an expensive TV or Hatchimal; they were there to enjoy a 70 percent discount on Nutella. 

According to Mirror, French media claimed that shoppers were acting like “‘animals’ in hopes of getting their hands onto a jar of the beloved hazelnut-cocoa spread. France is the second largest global consumer of Nutella (they devour roughly 100 million jars annually). Normally a jar of Nutella in France goes for  €4.50 ($5.60). But the new markdown brought prices to €1.40. ($1.74). That’s quite the markdown, but some French shoppers are debating whether it was worth it at all.