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Watch Drew Brees’ Sons Brawl in the Background of a Pro Bowl Sideline Interview

Even with the cameras on, the two boys could not resist a bit of roughhousing.

The Pro Bowl is famously the least entertaining part of the NFL season. Basically, it’s just players who have already mentally checked out pretending to compete in a game with no stakes in order to earn one last paycheck. But while this year’s game may have felt like a lazy way to pass time before next Sunday’s Big Game, there was at least one genuinely exciting game highlight, thanks to Drew Brees’ sons Baylen, Bowen, and Callen who were interviewed on the sideline with their dad. The lads were supposed to talk about their gun-slinging father and their experience as Pro Bowl ball boys, but things quickly turned chaotic when Bowen and Callen started fighting while an NFL reporter tried to get them to answer questions.