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Watch Cole Swindell’s Heartbreaking Song “Dad’s Old Number”

Anyone who has lost a parent will get this.

If you are a parent and one of your parents is no longer alive, the chances that you often wish you could call up that deceased parent are very, very strong. Those of us who have lost a parent are profoundly changed, and moments like Father’s Day can carry a decidedly bittersweet, if not, downright depressing feeling. But country music star Cole Swindell gets it. As someone who has also lost is his dad, Cole has belted out some moving songs about dealing with that loss, and his latest will hit fans — and nonfans — pretty hard.

It’s called “Dad’s Old Number,” and if you’ve lost a parent, you’ll understand what this song is about and why it was written. Some of us are old enough to actually remember when you had to memorize someone’s phone number. So what happens when a new person gets your deceased father’s old number? Cole Swindell’s song explores that bittersweet reality. Personally, I related to this. My dad passes away in 2012, and sometimes, I’ve tried texting him.

The song is a comforting anthem for adults who are spending this Father’s Day without their father around anymore. Fatherly is proud to showcase the new video for the song above.

It’s a healing song that is sympathetic and self-deprecating. If you’re feeling bummed and missing your dad right now (I know I am) this one might make you feel better. Or, at the very least, know that you’re not alone.

Cole Swindell is on tour now.