Watch Blue Ivy Tell Her Parents to Calm Down at the Grammys

They may be Beyonce and Jay-Z to us, but to Blue Ivy they're just mom and dad.

To the world, Jay-Z and Beyonce may be the most badass power couple alive. To six-year-old Blue Ivy, they’re just mom and dad. And at last night’s Grammys, she reminded everyone that no matter how cool we think her parents are, she’s still going to get embarrassed by them sometimes. Blue Ivy attended the awards and was caught on camera politely telling mom and dad to cool their jets when they started to show a little too much emotion at one of the speeches.

The moment came when Camila Cabello was giving her heartfelt speech in support of immigrant rights and the Dreamers. Jay-Z and Beyonce began to clap in support of the pop singer’s inspiring message but were stopped in their tracks when Blue calmly put out her hand to indicate that mom and dad needed to tone it down. Hilariously, Jay and Bey immediately stopped clapping when their daughter told them to, although in Jay’s defense, it did look like he was already done applauding before Blue turned to reprimand him. Beyonce, meanwhile, briefly checked-in with her daughter to make sure everything was okay.

While it may seem strange that Blue would get embarrassed by her parents politely applauding someone talking during an award’s show, any parent knows that kids don’t really need a reason to be mortified by their behavior. Even if their parents are global superstars, kids will find a way to think they are the dorkiest people to ever exist.