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Watch an Exclusive Clip From the Netflix’s ‘Klaus’ Right Here

A new animated Christmas origin story is coming. Here's a sneak peek.

Next week, on November 15, Netflix will release Klaus, a new Christmas movie about the origin of Santa Claus, but with a twist. This pseudo-historical take will reboot the origin of Santa Claus in a charming and humble way. In this version, a toymaker named Klaus will be called upon to, well…you can guess what happens next.

Think of this movie kind of like Anastasia meets Rise of the Guardians, but with a little more spunk and a lot of heart. For families looking for a new Christmas movie that isn’t quite a Christmas movie, Klaus is sure to be the ticket.

Fatherly is proud to present this exclusive clip from Klaus, ahead of the launch of the new film on Netflix. Watch above! And tune-in to Netflix on November 15 to watch the full movie with the little ones.

However, before that, it will be in theaters for a limited time on November 8.