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7 Epic Sledding Videos To Get You Pumped for Snow Season

Who's ready to ride?

YouTube/Christopher Evans

For some, winter means staying indoors, lighting a fire, and catching up on all the shows you missed until the sun returns. But for parents, it means layering up and heading into the snow because there is nothing kids love more than exploring a winter wonderland. And while snowboarding, skiing, and ice fishing can be fun, when it comes to winter sports, nothing can compare to the pure bliss of riding a sled down a snowy slope. In case you need some motivation, here are seven extreme sledding videos that will get you pumped to rocket down the slopes this winter.

Backyard Bliss

You don’t have to head to the mountains if you build an awesome slope in your backyard. This 75-foot drop is safe for kids but doesn’t look like it would be boring for adults. If you somehow have enough space and snow, building something like this guarantees a fantastic winter for the whole family.

I Can Sled For Miles

This unreal slope on New York State’s Diamond Mountain is a mind-blowing five miles long and sleds can reach up to 30 miles per hour. Don’t believe it? Watch this video of Kyra Brooke and her dad cruise down the hill for three straight minutes, laughing and screaming the whole way down. The duo doesn’t even reach the bottom of Diamond Mountain, instead opting to call it quits a bit early.

Can You Dig It?

YouTuber Adam Harris spent more than 40 hours building this massive sledding hill with nothing more than a shovel and his perseverance. Lucky for him, his hard work and dedication paid off in the end, as the slope turned out even more badass than he could have imagined. Just watching him glide down his icy creation will make you wish you could take next week off and spend 40 hours building your own epic sledding slope.

Better Off Sled

At first, this video doesn’t seem all that impressive. Sure, it’s fun that the rider gets to start sledding on their porch but it looks like it’s heading for a short and anticlimactic ending. But then — plot twist! — another rider pushes through and reveals that their small slope actually leads to a giant mountain with a path set just for sledding. That’s no surprise considering the video comes from 5MadMovieMakers, who is known for taking mundane activities to extreme levels.

Luge Yourself

Not only is this handmade slope amazing but there’s also a firepit to warm up if you wipe out. If there is a cooler backyard luge/sledding course in America, we certainly haven’t seen it.

In the Trenches

The group in this video built some pretty great trenches for sledding but they also serve as a reminder that all you really need is a big hill and a sled to have the time of your life.

Sled Heads

Most people sled with their feet leading the way but these super sledders prove that if you’ve got the need for speed, you gotta dive in headfirst.