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‘WandaVision’ Spoilers Means It’s Time to Rewatch These Two Marvel Movies

Elizabeth Olsen says a "Luke Skywalker moment" is coming.


Okay. Let’s get this out of the way: Massive WandaVision spoilers are in fact, out there on the internet, and if you look for them, you will be told something very specific that will almost certainly happen in the next few episodes. Elizabeth Olsen herself has gone on record saying that WandaVision does have a Luke Skywalker-esque cameo, similar to what happened on The Mandalorian; a big character that everyone knows, suddenly appearing out of nowhere. Olsen “can’t believe,” this cameo hasn’t leaked, but the thing is, maybe it has?

Again, if you really go looking around Reddit (or even Google) you’ll probably find at least one big WandaVision spoiler pretty easily. We’re not going to reveal what we think the spoiler is. That would be uncool. But, we are going to recommend you watch two Marvel movies in preparation. That said, you should be warned, that if you keep reading, you might figure out at least one of the big spoilers simply by the names of the movies we’re about to recommend. Look, there are a lot of characters in these movies, but still, you’ve been warned. Rewatching the following two movies could constitute massive spoilers.

Last chance to look away? Again POSSIBLE SPOILERS. (Vague spoilers, but still)

Okay, ready for your WandaVision homework? You’re gonna like it. (Maybe?) Here are two Marvel movies you should watch in preparation and….they’re not MCU movies!

X-Men: Days of Future Past (2014)

Yep, so some stuff that happens in this X-Men movie will matter for in a forthcoming episode of WandaVision — we think! Not gonna say any more than that. But, hey, this movie is pretty fun, so not a bad time to give it a rewatch.

Days of Future Past is streaming on Disney+.

X-Men: Apocalypse (2016)

Oh yeah! Nobody likes this one! But some people do! This X-Men movie is set in the ’80s, but you’d actually not really even know that other than the music is great, and some of the clothes are fly, too. Is this movie as bad as people say? I dunno. I like it.

Apocalypse is streaming on Disney+

So yeah, as of now the continuity of the X-Men movies is not part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. But, that could really (probably) all start to change.

WandaVision drops new episodes on Fridays on Disney+. There are five episodes left in Season 1. Here’s when they come out.

Bonus X-Men movie: If you’ve completed your binge of those two X-Men movies and you’re dying to “finish” this film series, X-Men: Dark Phoenix is streaming on HBO Max. It’s not the best, but hey, maybe it’s an X-Men movie you haven’t seen?