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Those Fake ‘WandaVision’ Commercials Secretly Retell Wanda’s ‘Avengers’ Origin

Were you confused by the fake toaster commercial and the thing with the watch? Here's what's really going on.

Credit: Disney+/Marvel

Being confusing and making you wonder if every scene contains an Easter egg or some kind of clue is partly what WandaVision is all about. Any of your friends pretending like they understood everything in the first two episodes of WandaVision is either exaggerating or clearly a Hydra Agent. Luckily two of the most confounding moments in WandaVision Episodes 1 and 2 are strangely the easiest to explain. Massive spoilers ahead!

Confused by those fake retro-commercials for fake products — specifically a toaster and a watch? Well, those two things aren’t actually Easter eggs or clues for something that is happening or will happen. These two things are actually ciphers for stuff that has already happened.

Just like Vision made a reference to the fictional country of Sokovia (where Wanda and Quicksilver were raised before The Age of Ultron) the two faux-commercials are actually a bit of sideways backstory. Both the toaster and the watch reference where Wanda has come from.

Stark Industries Toaster

You’ll probably notice that there’s a red blinking light on this Stark Industries Toaster in this commercial. Yep, it’s a splash of color in a black and white sitcom thing. Spooky! What does it mean? Well, this flashing red light actually represents a bomb that destroyed Wanda and Pietro’s family home when they were kids. The bomb was from Stark Industries. This simple fact actually turned Wanda and Pietro into mercenaries working for the bad guys in their first proper MCU movie, Avengers: Age of Ultron. So, this weird commercial is actually a psychological retelling of Wanda’s trauma from that memory.

Strücker Hydra Watch

In WandaVision Episode 2, the thing with the “Strücker” brand watch is another reference to Wanda’s Avenger’s origin. Wolfgang von Strucker posed as a S.H.I.E.LD. Agent, but was really working for the evil Hydra. This is why, if you look closely on the watch, you’ll see a little Hydra logo. His looney mad-scientist experiments, in theory, somehow, gave Wanda and Pietro their superpowers. In a sense, Strücker is the “father” of Wanda and Pietro, insofar as they would have never had their powers without him.

Both of these events eventually lead Wanda to become an Avenger. Although she wanted to kill Tony Stark in The Age of Ultron, she eventually switched sides when she realized how corrupt Hydra was.

Why are these two symbols from Wanda’s origin story hidden in faux-retro commercials for random products? Is it some aspect of Wanda’s psyche trying to express itself? Or the reverse, is she actively repressing memories? We don’t know yet how these details play into the story of WandaVision, but we do know what these Easter eggs represent: Traumatic events in Wanda’s past that eventually led her to become a superhero.

WandaVision is streaming on Disney+. Here’s when all the episodes will drop.