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Watch This Kid Lose It After His Dad Fails to Catch A Foul Ball

Every kid has that moment in their life where they realize that their dad isn’t a real-life superhero, but one young baseball fan seemed particularly devastated to find this out. During last night’s Rangers’ win over the Marlins, a foul ball was hit straight towards this young boy and his family, much to the kid’s excitement. His dad tries valiantly to make the grab for the ball, reaching over his wife and son to bare hand it (He even drops his $15 beer in the process) But alas, life is not always fair, and the ball ends up just out of dad’s reach.

This would seem like the natural place for this sad, but true story to end, but the son was not ready for this level of disappointment. A video shows the aftermath of the catch, with dad giving a reasonable explanation for his inability to make a very tough catch. His son simply can not handle it. The look on his face is one of pure devastation and once it really sinks in that he is not going home with that treasured foul ball, he quickly bursts into tears.

It’s a tough moment for any parent, knowing that at some point your kid has to learn to deal with the many disappointments life will throw their way. And as much as every dad would love to catch every real and metaphorical foul ball, that’s just not the way it goes. Fortunately, dad seemed to be in good spirits about the whole thing and resisted throwing a fit of his own after having to sacrifice his beer.