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Watch This Extreme Kayaker Go Over a Waterfall on an Inflatable Lobster

Extreme kayaker Rafa Ortiz rode off a 70-foot waterfall on an inflatable lobster.

Most people see inflatable pool toys and think about lazy rivers and lakes. in an inner tube without a care in the world. But Rafa Ortiz sees them as just another way to amp up his extreme sports activities. One of the world’s greatest kayakers, Ortiz recently rode an inflatable lobster off a 70-foot waterfall in Washington State. And holy hell does the crazy stunt look like fun.

To no one’s surprise, Ortiz was the first person to attempt riding off the waterfall with nothing but an inflatable pool toy.  A Redbull-sponsored extreme athlete, Ortiz regularly runs the world’s toughest rapids and flings himself off 100-foot waterfalls. He referred to his lobster-riding stunt as the “natural progression” of extreme sports and says he came up with the idea when he was at a museum in Spain and saw the inflatable lobster on display. A few months later, Ortiz spotted a similar looking inflatable lobster for sale at a beach in Mexico. He bought it, and the rest is history.

Sadly, Ortiz’s beloved lobster did not end up surviving the 70-foot drop, but it valiantly did its job of protecting him from any potential danger. The kayaker seems to have become attached to his inflatable friend, as he said he had no interest in switching from a lobster to any other type of flotation device or animal. “It’s all about finding a new challenge and scouting a new waterfall for the lobster,” Ortiz explained in an interview. “Sky’s the limit.” Let’s just hope next time, his inflatable crustacean can live to tell the tale.