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Watch This Guy Take His Pimped out Radio Flyer Landspeeder for a Test Drive

This will make you want to get one for yourself.

Earlier this year, RadioFlyer ignited the jealousy of parents everywhere when they announced their kid-sized Star Wars Landspeeder, a ride that could make any culdesac feel like the cascading sand dunes of Tatooine. The key word there is kid-sized: The Landspeeder, which tops out at 5 mph, is made to support those who weigh 130 pounds or less. That didn’t sit well with Adam Woodworth, however. So the bonafide RC specialist did some tinkering and transformed the Landspeeder into dad-carrying, donut-performing ride.

Woodworth took the Landspeeder apart and then rebuilt it with parts from a Razor high-speed Crazy Cart. Some may judge a grown man for riding around in such a tiny vehicle, but as a wise, possibly amphibious Jedi once said, “Size matters not.” After viewing the below video, which shows Woodworth busting out some donuts in an empty parking lot and traveling significantly faster than 5 mph, tell me you’re not just a bit jealous.

If you find yourself wanting to build your own tiny but fast Landspeeder, you’re in luck, as Woodworth said that he would also be uploading a tutorial in the next few weeks. Of course, with the Landspeeder costing $500, you might not want to tear it apart unless you really know what you’re doing. We would tell you the odds of actually being able to replicate Woodworth’s successful rebuild, but we all know how you feel about being told the odds.