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Watch this Epic Lego Beach Roller Coaster in Action

Bringing a LEGO set to the beach often seems like a misguided idea. Because you know what gets filled with 1,000 grains of sand that you’ll find in the carpet for weeks after the trip? Tiny plastic building bricks. Not to mention the fact that most of them will get misplaced along the shore. But those headaches may seem well worth it once you see this epic LEGO train coaster cruise down the dunes.

YouTuber and LEGO Architect 5MadMovieMakers uploaded a video of his gravity-driven coaster, and it’s impossible not to be blown away by his toy block creation. Filmed on the Outer Banks in North Carolina, the epic roller coaster once again proves that LEGO are a surefire way to make anything more fun. The track, built into a sand channel, features massive drops, dips through caves, and sicker twists than a Christopher Nolan film. The 5MMM crew curated the area surrounding area to add to the verisimilitude, with toy shovels and buckets, little wooden fences, seashell caves, and track workers in overalls that oversee the action.

The whole journey is filmed in a way that makes the pint-sized journey look like world’s most exciting train ride. Especially on the third run, when 5MMM uses a GoPro camera to capture the Lego City 9v train rail. That perspective combined with the expert track design should pique the interest of Disney ride designers looking to create a follow-up to Big Thunder Mountain Railroad. It’s a masterpiece.