Jimmy Kimmel Told Kids to Scare Their Dads on Father’s Day

Jimmy Kimmel encouraged viewers to surprise their dad on Father's Day by yelling "I love you, dad" at inopportune moments.

jimmy kimmel father's day prank

Jimmy Kimmel loves a good prank, and this year, he asked his millions of viewers to celebrate Father’s Day by scaring their dads with love. Kimmel asked fans to sneak up on their dads and yell “I love you.”Once again, fans proved to be more than up for the challenge, with some screaming “I love you!” at their dozing dads, others simply declaring their love as dad cleaned the toilet or the pool.

All of the entries were pretty great, but the funniest featured dads who were clearly not in the mood to be fucked with. One guy, in particular, was really not having it. As soon as his kid finished his attack of adoration, he was hellbent on revenge, letting loose a bleeped out string of profanity before asking “What the hell is wrong with you?” Another dad, yelled at through a megaphone, threatened to shove the sound amplifier up his son’s ass. Do we blame him? No. But damn is it funny.

There were a few heartwarming moments as well. One woman shouted “I love you” at her elderly dad, and they shared an adorable hug once the elderly man could figure out what the hell she was saying. Overall, Kimmel’s scheme proved to be a nice way for people to tell their dads that they love them even if it was done in some increasingly strange and annoying ways. Although maybe next year, Kimmel will give dads what they really want by challenging his viewers to let their dads enjoy some much-needed peace and quiet.