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Kid Decides Winning Isn’t Important Right As He’s About to Win a Tiny Bike Race

A child hilariously decides to give up his balance bike victory at the last possible moment.

Balance bike racing is on its way to becoming the next big toddler sport. And while you might think 3-year-olds pushing themselves on pedal-less bikes might be a bore, check out this footage of a down-to-the-wire race, and tell us you wouldn’t watch this on ESPN. Because we sure would.

The green rider seems destined for victory from the start, as he effortlessly cruises over each hill while his competitors struggle to gain ground. His lead is so dominant that nobody is even in view as he heads to the finish, but something stops him from achieving victory. But, at the last possible second, the little guy flips a U-turn, opting to ride the track in reverse and letting several other riders cross the finish line before him. Is this another cruel lesson in premature celebration? Or perhaps he is trying to teach us all that winning doesn’t matter nearly as much as doing your best?

Whatever the answer, this kid appears totally unfazed by his loss. He’s just happy to keep riding and only stops when one of the workers lets him know that he can’t ride the track again. Perhaps there’s a lesson we can all learn from this little guy about the simple joy of riding. Or perhaps he just doesn’t know the rules. Either way, his antics make the race a real nail biter — and all the more reason to air this on ESPN.