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Kid Goes Full Supervillain As He Discovers the Awesome Power of a Leaf Blower

To most, the leaf blower is simply a means to make yard work easier. But for one boy, it’s a device of uncanny power the likes of which he has never seen. And man does he love it.

As you can see in the uploaded video, the young power-hungry kid got a hold of his grandfather’s leafblower. And as soon as he presses the trigger, the kid is consumed by the sheer force of his new weapon. To him, the blower is not some mere means to make lawn care easier but rather the ultimate weapon of chaos.

At first, he simply enjoys getting to watch this magnificent machine in action. but soon he begins to use the blower against his sister who wanders into the scene, foolishly believing her brother will let her take a turn with his new favorite toy. She is, of course, mistaken and her brother quickly blasts her with its high-velocity air as he maniacally laughs. It’s like watching a supervillain origin story play out in real time.

His laughter doesn’t last long. Once he takes down his sister, the kid sets down his weapon and celebrates his victory. This, however, proves to be his undoing. Distracted by the glory of his triumph, the boy provides his father a window to pick up the leaf blower. He does and gives his son a taste of his own medicine.

The whole thing unfolds like an expertly devised chamber play. There’s a loss of innocence. The arrival of a villain.A tragic twist. The hero’s arrival. Arthur Miller would be impressed. And the sequel should be something. Because while dad may have won this round, it’s only a matter of time before this kid gets a hold of another leaf blower and wreaks havoc again. Or perhaps he will discover the deceptively destructive nature of the garden hose. Let’s just hope he doesn’t find grandpa’s weed whacker.