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James Corden Went Full Method for the New ‘Peter Rabbit’ Movie

The late-night host only answered to Peter and used a giant cage instead of a dressing room.


This Friday, Peter Rabbit, a new live-action movie based on the beloved Beatrix Potter kid’s books, hits theaters across the country. The film’s cast is filled with A-list stars like Domhnall Gleeson, Margot Robie, and James Corden, who will be playing the titular rabbit. To prepare for his big role, the late-night host revealed that he went full method in order to immerse himself in the character of Peter Rabbit. And on last night’s episode of the Late Late Show, Corden aired some behind-the-scenes footage to demonstrate just how deep down the rabbit hole he fell.

To ensure the authenticity of his experience, Corden spent the entire film-making process in a full rabbit costume. He also chose to hang out in a giant cage instead of a dressing room and tried drinking from a spigot rather than a cup or water fountain. Even after learning that his character was completely CGI and would be added into scenes in post-production, he decided to continue with the outfit anyway. And while his dedication was admirable, it caused some serious tension with his costars, Robie and Gleeson.

Robie was the first one to confront Corden about his Daniel Day-Lewis-esque commitment to method acting when he wouldn’t stop eating lettuce while she was trying to record her lines. Later in the shoot, Gleeson became worried when Corden seemed to lose the ability to get out of character, as he kept insisting he really was Peter. Gleeson eventually pulled off one of Corden’s gloves to prove he was actually just a man dressed as a rabbit, which caused Corden to have a full-blown meltdown.

Fortunately, once the shoot was over, Corden appeared to have left the Peter Rabbit character behind. He was dressed in normal clothes and identified as himself again rather than as the fictional rabbit. But strangely, or, perhaps, tragically, Corden accidentally revealed that he still had the costume tail, leaving us to wonder if Corden might be stuck in character forever.