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Watch this Dad Dad Use A Fidget Spinner To Conjure a Rainbow

As fidget spinners continue to occupy fingers all over the world, people are finding more and more creative ways to use them. There are fidget spinner jugglers and trick-performers. There are the hackers who have used power washers to up a spinner’s RPMs and send it skipping across a pool. One guy even created a fidget spinner cannon. But the best use of a fidget spinner we’ve seen to date has to be this guy who used his to create a rainbow.

Armed with his fidget spinner, a hose, and some good old fashioned science, father and YouTuber Viva Frei created produced a rainbow for his kids. The method is surprisingly simple: Once Frei gets his fidget spinner spinning, he turns on a hose, and then uses the spinner to diffuse the water, thus creating enough droplets for the sun to bounce off. The result? A beautiful mini-rainbow in his front yard and four very happy children.

Frei emulates the style of a magician in the video, going the extra mile to show that nothing has been altered or tampered with in creating the fidget spinner rainbow. Once he has established the legitimacy of his scientific feat o, he lets the hose rip and the magic begins. At first, his daughters seem more focused on washing the car than their dad’s sorcery, but by the end of the video, they have clearly been won over. The whole family is cheering on their dad, wowed by the fact that the rainbow disappears every time he removes the spinner, only to reappear when puts the spinner back in front of the hose.

Anyone looking to impress their fidgeting, spinning kids could recreate Frei’s water rainbow. Of course, for the scene to appear, you should be aware of lighting conditions, as well as make sure the sun is in the right position. As a rainbow is caused by light refracting off water droplets, hose pressure also affects the ability to conjure one up. In any case, Frei deserves major credit for entertaining and educating his kids with the trick — and giving us all a way to utilize the distracting, distraction-preventing, devices