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Watch This Toddler Break His Baby Brother out of a Crib

A video of a brother helping his younger brother escape his crib is going viral.

The weekend’s greatest jailbreak doesn’t involve a poster of Raquel Welch and a rock hammer, but rather a chair, crib, and a toddler who really wants to hang with his younger brother. Bryan Lanning shared a video to Twitter that shows his toddler-aged son, Oliver, cleverly helping his brother Finn escape the confines of his crib. Because, hey, when you have a little brother and the urge to play strikes, you go above and beyond to make it happen.

Caught on Bryan’s Nest Camera, the clip shows Finn hanging out innocently in his crib when Oliver appears, full of mischief and ready to bust his brother out of the clink. Oliver drags a chair over to the crib and then climbs into it himself. He then demonstrates to Finn how to escape, by climbing the chair and hopping into the toy-filled room. Oliver encourages Finn every step of the way, telling him “You can do it” when he is preparing to make the big jump and stays with him the whole way. Once Finn makes it out successfully, he and Oliver share a big victory hug and light out for other territories, hand in hand, to presumably build pillow forts, race cars and, have as much fun as possible before they are caught by the wardens.

Finn’s daring escape struck a chord with the online community, having already been liked more than 60,000 times and retweeted more than 34,000. Hopefully, Oliver and Finn were able to make it to the toy box and that the play things there are as soft and fun as they were in their dreams. 

h/t: Mashable