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Watch This Kid Try to Walk After Spinning Too Much at the Playground

Everyone loves to spin, but everyone also knows the risks that come when you spin one too many times. One kid recently learned that lesson when he took playground spinning to its absolute extreme, and the video of his hilarious gravity-based reality check has taken the internet by storm. The young boy is sitting in some playground equipment and is spun around and around by two men. The look on the kid’s face is one of pure bliss, completely unaware of what will happen once he steps back onto the ground. He spins around for almost 30 seconds, with some help from one of the men, before finally getting a chance to explore the rest of the playground. Or so he thinks.

Of course, the second his feet touch the ground, he falls flat on his back, looking like he is getting ready to make some wood chip angels. The two men immediately lose it, laughing hysterically as this kid’s foolhardy battle to restore his balance. The boy tries to quickly recover from his fall, only to immediately fall again. He then tries again, and for a third time comes face to face with the floor. Finally, on his fourth try, the kid is able to successfully stay up, albeit with a lot of wobbling, and he victoriously heads to a non-spinning section of the playground to try and recover from that horrific ordeal.

The video was posted on Twitter Tuesday and has immediately gone viral, with over 270,000 retweets and 377,000 likes. The reason why it has been such a hit isn’t much of a mystery, as the internet has a long history of loving adorable kids mindlessly stumbling around like drunk adults. Fortunately for this kid, there’s no hangover following too much spinning, so he can happily enjoy the rest of his day at the playground. Just maybe avoid the tire swing.