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This Video Teaches You How To Do 3 Amazing Pen Tricks


You’re still holding out hope that your admission letter to Hogwarts got lost in the mail, but at this point, you’ve mostly accepted the fact that magic isn’t real. Your kid, however, is still filled with wonder and believes that carpets can fly, mirrors can talk, and all of life’s questions can be answered by a Magic 8 Ball. So with a bit of misdirection and slight of hand, they still may see you as some sort of sorcerer.

Oscar Owen is here to help. He already taught you how to make a quarter disappear faster than when your kid spots a gumball machine, but now the online illusionist is back to help you blow their mind ⏤ by making a pen vanish into thin air.

Owen pulls off 3 tricks and then spends the second half of the video explaining how you can master each at home. First up is “The Vanish,” during which Owen makes a Sharpie, well, vanish. Next comes “The Production,” where Owen seems to transport said Sharpie from one hand to another in no time at all. And finally, he pulls off “The Mini-Pen,” where he is able to make his Sharpie shrink and grow.

By the third illusion, Owen’s mastery of that Sharpie might have you wondering if he’s traded his soul to Satan in exchange for the ability to defy the laws of nature. You’ll be relieved when he reveals how the tricks are done. And with just a bit of practice, you might be able to fool your kid into thinking you are Gandalf, Merlin, and Houdini all rolled into one. Or, at the least, finally have a hobby that’s cooler than your buddy’s acapella group.