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Watch This Seven-Year-Old Girl School Cam Newton

Reese is the best fan in Philly. (That may not be say much.)

Last week, Panthers quarterback Cam Newton stirred up controversy after making sexist comments towards a female reporter and now he’s being called out for his ignorance by a seven-year-old girl (in what might be a placekicker’s jersey) named Reese. She may be young but Reese is a die-hard Eagles fan, and, yeah, she knows about routes. She showed off her extensive knowledge to both shame Cam, who specifically questioned whether or not women could grasp basic patterns, and because it allowed for a graceful segue into pure trash talk.

Reese’s short video features her explaining different types of wide receiver routes to Cam, including a post route, a flat route, and a fly route. She also manages to talk a bit of trash towards the former MVP, wondering why he dresses like her grandma and warning him that her beloved Eagles are going to obliterate him during tonight’s game. She even sneaks in her drawing of a unicorn because it looks nice.

In the now infamous press conference, Charlotte Observer reporter Jourdan Rodrigue asked Newton a question about his receivers’ route running. Instead of answering her question, Newton said it was funny to hear a woman try to talk about routes, which–even sexism aside–it is not. This comment was understandably met with criticism from fans and reporters. Newton was even dropped as a spokesperson for Dannon Yogurt, which replaced him with Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott.

If Newton had not already learned his lesson, Reese’s video will probably drive it home. Also, it’s just great. Reese is awesome. Go Reese.