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Watch These Cops Ride the Slip ‘N Slide at a 4th of July Party

When cops crash your 4th of July get together, it usually means the party’s over. But for a lucky group of revelers in Asheville, North Carolina, it meant the celebration was just getting started.

To celebrate our nation’s 241st year, an Asheville neighborhood hosted a block party whose patriotic piéce de résistance was a giant slip-and-slide built by a neighborhood dad. As one might expect, the giant slip n’ slide was a big hit. Well, it was except for one neighbor, annoyed that the slide was blocking the street, who called the cops.  But when two officers arrived on the scene, they realized the revelers were not at all disrupting traffic. And, once they let the block partygoers know that they weren’t in danger of having their party shut down, one of the officers politely asked if she could take a turn on the slip-and-slide. Everyone naturally agreed, and both she and her partner ended up shooting down the slide.

Officer Lee, the female officer, opted for a trash bag as her DIY raft and her. It’s easy to see why. The video sees Lee gleefully slipping and sliding in her trash bag, everyone at the party laughing and cheering her along as she races a couple of kids down the hill. Her partner, Officer Jones, was hopeful that he wouldn’t have to take a turn because he wouldn’t fit in a trash bag, but the neighbors happily provided him with an inner tube. It proves that not even uniform cops can resist the lure of the slip ‘n slide.