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Watch Neil Patrick Harris Test His Audience By Playing ‘Santa’s Lap or Flu Shot?’

Turns out kids have similar reactions to old men with beards as they do with flu shots.


For some kids, heading the mall and whispering your wishes to Santa while sitting on his lap is a dream come true; for others? Not so much. To them, it’s a particular type of hell, on par with receiving a flu shot or finding out all episodes of Paw Patrol have been wiped from existence. That strange, but potent fear is exactly why Neil Patrick Harris, who guest-hosted Jimmy Kimmel Live! last night, decided to see if his audience could figure out if children were crying because they were sitting on Santa’s lap or getting a flu shot.

The rules of the ‘Santa’s Lap or Flu Shot’ were simple: Harris showed a picture of a child crying to the audience and they have to guess why the child was crying. Sounds easy enough, right? Well, it’s not. In fact, it’s very hard.

Despite its simplicity, the game is surprisingly difficult because, well, a crying kid is a crying kid. The only time the majority of people guessed the right answer was when Harris showed two Santa’s Lap kids in a row, leading the audience to deduce that a flu shot picture was likely coming next. Harris was endlessly amused by the confidence of the audience’s guesses each time despite the fact that they had no clue whether or not they were actually right.

In the final round, Harris even managed to get a little tricky when he had a photo that was of a kid who was crying because they were getting a flu shot while sitting on Santa’s lap. Hopefully, Santa is getting that little girl whatever she wants for Christmas for being such a trooper.