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Baby’s First Fly Ball Goes Poorly

During last night’s game between the New York Mets and the Los Angeles Dodgers, one man went from triumph (He caught a fly ball!) and defeat (His wife was furious because he nearly dropped his baby!) in what may have been record time. The incident occurred during the eighth inning of the Dodgers’ 6-3 win when a foul ball was hit right at a young couple and their newborn kid. The husband made an impressive barehanded play, but bobble both the ball and his kid. His moment of glory, caught by the stadium cam, was brief.

A woman that we’ll presume was the mother of the child quickly grabbed the smiling infant and dad was left, so to speak, holding the ball. Before the camera cut away, he was already trying to explain himself to his partner, who–no need to call a body language expert on this–was having none of it. Keith Olbermann, always on the lookout, quickly took her side. Still, dad did appear to have gained a new admirer in a fellow Mets fan tried very hard to high-five him after the catch.

While catching a foul ball with your bare hand is a pretty remarkable feat, hopefully, next time this dad remembers to take his kid out of harm’s way before trying to make the catch. After all, fans getting injured by foul balls is not an uncommon occurrence, with Bloomberg estimating that around 1,750 fans are injured each baseball season due to balls flying into the stands. There is no specific statistic on babies dropped. Fortunately, there still isn’t.