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Video Shows Man Creating Nerf Cannon That Can Blast Through A Can

So you consider yourself to be a bit of an expert when it comes to Nerf weaponry. You always make sure your kid is armed with newest guns, equip them with the most effective, aerodynamic ammo, and you even have a goddam arsenal for storing your weapons of mild destruction. But you’re likely to feel like a scrub when you see Giaco Whatever’s unbelievable Nerf hack. Because with his apparatus, he’s able to shoot a standard foam dart clear through a can of  Redbull. Watch it, and you might be convinced that World War 3 will be fought with toy guns and foam darts.

In the video, Giaco declares his intention to create the most powerful and fastest Nerf Dart shot of all time. The first step? Creating a Nerf cannon. Giaco walks through the process by showing off his badass collection of power tools as well as cinematography that looks more like a Christopher Nolan movie than a DIY Nerf gun video on YouTube. Once the cannon is finished, Giaco proudly displays its terrifying firepower by blasting a dart straight through the energy drink responsible for getting you through college.

While this video is unquestionably amazing, it’s probably something you should not try to replicate at home for extremely obvious reasons, including the fact that you have a better chance of being the first man on Mars than successfully putting that cannon together. Instead just admire Giaco’s craftsmanship, and prepare for an epic weekend Nerf war to remind your kid who’s the number one gunslinger in your house.

[h/t] YouTube