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Video Shows How To Build A Bow And Arrow Out In The Wilderness


Since the moment you first witnessed Legolas gracefully nocked an arrow to take down an oncoming orc, you’ve dreamed of becoming a master archer. Unfortunately, you have the hand-eye coordination of that orc. It may be too late for you, but you can still help your kid become Robin Hood, or Katniss, or Arrow — or whoever is the hot archer of the moment. No need to buy them a toy bow and arrow. Next time you’re on a family camping adventure, show off your carpentry skills by crafting them a bow by hand with the help of a DIY survivalist master.

The video comes courtesy of Primitive Technology, and your instructor really lives up to the “strong, silent” type. In fact, he goes through the step-by-step guide of creating a bow and arrows by hand without saying a single word. You can figure it out, though . Step 1: Chopping down a tree. Step 2: Assemble the necessary wood for his homemade weapon. Step 4 through 20 are a little tricky. He’s able to whittle the wood down to create the bow and arrows (along with feather attachments) and make a bowstring by tying together tree bark. Sure it looks pretty, but will it kill a wild boar? The silent survivalist demonstrates by firing off several of his arrows into a tree — which he will likely use to build a spear or nunchucks.

Ok, ok. You may not be able to fashion a weapon as battle-ready as this real-life Hawkeye (Marvel or James Fenimore Cooper — take your pick), but if you could, a functional bow for you or your kid would likely be the coolest thing you have ever done. Plus, you’d finally be able to eat something on that camping trip besides hot dogs and cold Pop Tarts

[h/t] Youtube