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LeBron Conducts a Mid-Game Candy Search for His Daughter

He was able to get his daughter some sweet treats during a timeout.

Last night, LeBron James scored 34 points and dished out a team-high 9 assists to help the Cavaliers win a close one against the Chicago Bulls. But LeBron’s biggest assist of the night may have been the one he gave his candy-craving little girl. During a timeout, LeBron said hey to his three-year-old daughter Zhuri, who was seated near the Cavaliers’ bench, and she immediately told him that she wanted some candy. Most dads would have told their daughter they would get her candy after the game, but most dads aren’t LeBron James.

@kingjames mic’d up… daddy duties continue mid game! #ThisIsWhyWePlay

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The future Hall of Famer began asking members of the Cavaliers coaches if they had some candy for his daughter. But considering they’re all high-level athletes and sports pros in the middle of an NBA game, and not Willy Wonka, nobody was holding. But James refused to give up his search and started asking employees at Quicken Loans Arena if any of them had any sweet treats for his daughter. Miraculously, he was eventually able to find some delicious candy for Zhuri to enjoy during her dad’s twelfth straight home win.

Unfortunately, the video doesn’t show what candy he ends up finding for Zhuri but we doubt LeBron James would let his daughter have anything less than the absolute best, like Reeses Pieces or a Twix bar. The most impressive part? LeBron was able to do all of this during a single timeout period and didn’t end up missing a single minute of the game. Seriously, is there anything this superdad can’t do?