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Daughter Tries to Understand Why Her Dad Would Want a Record

Instagram / @kcstauffer

Katie Stauffer wanted to help her toddler-aged daughter Mia do something nice for dad on Father’s Day, so she bought a couple of vinyl records (including, weirdly, a ‘Best of 50 Cent’ album) for Mia to give to her dad. And Mia’s confused, angry, and hilarious reaction to the “dumb circles” has quickly gone viral.

Like most young kids in the digital age, Mia has no idea what vinyl is. When her mom reveals the gifts, she at them with the look of pure befuddlement. After her initial shock has worn off, Mia refers to the discs as “dumb circles” and says she is “ruined” because of her mom’s foolish Father’s Day purchase. Why, Mia asks, does her mom seems to believe that this dumb circle can play music? Ever the inquisitive one, Mia seems unsure whether her mom is messing with her. She proceeds to interrogate her mom about details on the record, asking if it can play Frozen, if it’s “charged up,” and if the record can be uploaded to the cloud (Honestly? All great questions) Mia even channels her inner Baby Boomer by declaring “this technology is frustrating” before giving up on trying to figure out what the “old people” are into.

While Mia might not understand vinyl, the medium is definitely experiencing a comeback, seeing a 26 percent increase in sales last year. The surge is fueled by vinyl’s unmistakeable sound quality in a time when most music sounds over manufactured, as well as the tactile experience and nostalgic kick is provides. (Plus, it’s a dynamite way to fuel pretension). And while we love us some vinyl, can we vote to rename it dumb circles? There’s just such a better ring to it. All in favor, say aye.