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Watch This Dad Lose Consciousness Thanks to His Daughter’s Accidental Chokehold

It’s all fun and games until dad accidentally loses consciousness. When Chris Squires and his 8-year-old daughter Isabella decided to enjoy a tandem rope swing into a lake — Chris holding the rope; Isabella clamped on his back — Isabella accidentally a GLOW-worthy chokehold that causes him to conk out.

It all started when Isabella wanted to give a rope swing a try, but Chris decided it was a bit too dangerous for her to try alone. He volunteered his services for a piggyback ride, and so Isabella wrapped her arms around him and they were off swinging. Both dad and daughter are having a blast, but before things go south when, in her enjoyment, Isabella makes with the JT Strongbow.

Chris tries to call out to his daughter to loosen up her grip, but his feeble cries are drowned out by his daughter’s squeals of delight. Before long, he is completely out. And since a lifeless Chris is obviously unable to hang on to the rope, he and Isabella both head straight for the water, barely missing a much less pleasant fall onto dry land.

Fortunately, neither was hurt by the fall and they both immediately saw the humor of an 8-year-old daughter unwittingly suffocating her dad while she is having the time of her life.

‘We must have watched the video 50 times over and keep laughing at it,” said Chris. “My mum wasn’t very impressed by it but my friends love it. There were no injuries, only my pride, and we were both very wet.”

While Chris and Isabella both shared a good laugh, it seems nobody enjoyed it more than Chris’ wife, who can be heard laughing hysterically as she films the entire scene. Because if you can’t laugh at your young daughter slowly robbing your husband of air as they both swing over a lake on a rope, what can you laugh at?