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Watch This Hilarious Dad Pick His Son Up From School Dressed as Michael Phelps

Like most dads, Justin Beadle wanted to help make his son’s last day of school special. Unlike most dads, he decided to do that by picking up said son from school dressed as “Michael Phelps.” To complete the transformation, Justin borrowed some medals from friends, squeezed into a Speedo, and headed to Stillwater Junior High. Fortunately for the internet, this hilarious incident was caught on camera and has quickly gone viral. Justin’s son was definitely shocked by his dad’s elaborate costume, as you can see his face — and slight embarrassment — as “Michael Phelps” makes a beeline for him in front of the entire school.

The video was uploaded to Facebook on Tuesday, and has already been viewed more than 10 million times and shared by 43,000 users. The video comments showered love on Justin for his elaborate stunt, and it spurned many commenters to recall tales of their own dads’ embarrassing antics. When asked if he was punishing his son, Justin insisted that was not the case. He did it because he loves his son, and knows that sometimes being a good dad means picking up your son while dressed as the winningest Olympic swimmer ever.

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Posted by Justin Beadles on Tuesday, May 23, 2017