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Watch Justin Timberlake Re-Enact ‘The Lion King’ With Steph Curry and a Random Baby

Say what you will about Justin Timberlake but the man who brought SexyBack is one of the most charming guys around. Chances are you at least want to grab a beer with him or, as a guy named Michael Hood did at a recent charity golf tournament, beg him hold your baby. Because when JT holds your baby, he doesn’t just hold your baby — he raises him high as Steph Curry sings “The Circle of Life.”

Michael was standing in the galley at the tournament as the celebs walked towards the tee. And the new father, camera in hand, kept asking the players to hold his baby. He first tried to get NBA champion and Lebron James’ taunter, Steph Curry, to hold his baby, who declined. So does Tony Romo. Finally, Timberlake strolls by and Michael knows that this is his last chance. He gets the crowd behind him as he asks Timberlake to create a memorable moment by holding little Logan James up for all to see. Timberlake initially walks by, but thanks to the support of the crowd, he eventually walks Michael’s way.

Timberlake offers up a quick congratulations and poses for a photo with Logan. Then, Steph appears and begins encouraging Timberlake to hold Logan up in the air, Rafiki style. Before too long, two of the most famous men in America are re-enacting the iconic opening to the Lion King, using the oblivious Logan as a stand in for baby Simba. The crowd cannot resist singing along and JT is all smiles as he hands Logan back to his dad. Michael even works in a nice JT reference by exclaiming “I’m bringing baby back” as JT walks away. It’s a sweet, funny moment and quite possibly the least boring thing to ever happen on a golf course.