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This Dad Built His Son A Hovercraft

Roads? Where this kid is going he doesn’t need roads. Well, he does. But he can glide above them! In possibly the coolest dad move of 2017, Paul Boswell built his son Oliver a fully-functional hovercraft. Paul happens to be a research scientist at the Minnesota-based Savvysherpa, Inc. and used his scientific knowledge to create something totally awesome for his son. Oliver was obviously thrilled to be the first kid on the block, or possibly the state, to have his very own hovercraft instead of a Huffy, and in the video below you can see him getting to enjoy his newest toy in front of their house.

The hovercraft looks like a bed made out of a bowling lane bumper and has the distinct of something the Looney Tunes would have cobbled together for a last minute street race. But don’t let the DIY-look fool you. Paul’s creation is fully operational. It glides. It turns. It doesn’t burst into flames. Most importantly? It really appears to hover. Nearly 50,000 people have viewed Oliver’s joyride — and it’s safe to say that however long the hovercraft took to build was totally worth it.