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Video: Watch What Happens When You Stick A Bar Of Soap In The Microwave

Your microwave is a wonderful thing. It pops your corn, it makes your cocoa hot, and, despite what you may have heard from Kellyanne Conway, it’s most likely not being used by the government to secretly watch you defrost pork chops.

Still, you can’t help but wonder what would happen if you stuck something other than food in this magical mystery box. Thanks to YouTube experimenter Steve Mould, you don’t have to lose any more sleep over it. He used his high-tech skills to film exactly what happens when you microwave a bar of soap (Hint: It’s really f–cking cool).

As the video above demonstrates, a typical bar of soap is completely transformed when exposed to the heat and radiation of your favorite kitchen appliance. Instead of looking like a tiny, soft brick or a weird candy bar, the water in the soap vaporizes (vape life!) and the bar starts to expand. The transformation is surprisingly beautiful, and the soap ends up looking like a fluffy pack of clouds. The coolest part? Mould says that this microwaved soap can still totally be used to clean your filthy kid. Just add a bit of water, and prepare for the coolest use of soap since Fight Club.

While you’re probably already planning to show off this badass microwave trick to your kid, Mould does offer a word of warning ⏤ don’t try to film it from inside the microwave. While it worked for him, he’s still trying to figure out the exact safety aspects. Your wife is cool, but she probably wouldn’t be too happy if you blew up your iPhone (and the kitchen), even if it was for science.

[h/t] YouTube