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Australian Dad Rappers Spit Rhymes About the Hilariously Simple Things Dads Love

New tires! Cheap Chinese food! Building a pizza oven!

Youtube / Aunty Donna

Dads know how to enjoy the little things.  Grilling hamburgers on a Sunday afternoon? Paradise. Watching the second-half from your favorite chair? Heaven. Inspired by this noble truth, Aunty Donna, an Australian absurdist comedy group, created the trap “Chuffed”(Dad Song), a hysterical deadpan dad trap rap song that pays tribute to all the little things that bring joy to patriarchs all around the globe.

The song, which is available on Aunty Donna’s forthcoming comedy album “The Album”,  begins by simply listing stuff that makes dads “chuffed” — slang for “very pleased” — including new tires, discounted Snickers, fish and chips sandwiches, and finding a cheap, high-quality Chinese food restaurant close to your house. You know the basics.

But then the song shifts and gets more introspective and absurd. The chuffed dad expresses his happiness at his teenage son bringing home a girlfriend, before clarifying that he would be just as happy if his son brought home a boyfriend, so long as his son’s significant other treats him right. Things almost take a dark turn when chuffed dad notices a strange mole on his face, but he does the responsible thing and immediately has it checked it out by a doctor. It’s benign, which is a huge relief to dad, who has weekend plans to build a pizza oven with his friend.

All in all the track is worth a listen and continues the grand tradition of dad rap. Watch the video below.