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Volcano Bay Aims to Be The “Next Generation” Water Theme Park

Universal Orlando’s new Volcano Bay water park opened yesterday, and the tropical-themed park was an immediate hit with visitors thanks to its creative rides and next-generation features. From the looks of it, it seems to be the future of water parks.

The park boasts more than 18 attractions in their four unique areas, and at the center of it all is the massive Krakatau, a replica volcano that stands 200 feet tall above the park. That geological monstrosity features streaming waterfalls during the day and lava effects at night, but it’s not just for show: Krakatau is also the base for four additional water slides.

Another feature that has wowed parkgoers is the TapuTapu wristbands. Instead of waiting all day in line, visitors can use these accessories to reserve a ride time and enjoy themselves until their chosen slots are available. Here are a few of the rides park goers will want to make sure to check out when they journey to Volcano Bay.

Krakatau Aqua Coaster

The Aqua Coaster sends riders uphill, before the four-person “canoe” races downhill through Krakatau and ends with riders bathed by a waterfall.

Ko’kiri Body Plunge

This slide starts with a 70-degree fall though a drop door, and then riders are shot down 125 feet into a giant pool.

Maku Puihi

This is the first-ever “saucer ride” in a North American water park. The multi-passenger rafts can be sent speeding through one of two possible paths, both of which feature wild and exciting curves.

Taniwha Tubes

These four Eastern Island-inspired slides feature rafts for single or double riders, and the trouble-making Moai statues will spray jets of water on unsuspecting riders during the ride.