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5 Great Dad Burns From Jimmy Fallon’s #momquotes

flickr / ana campos

Expert lip syncer Jimmy Fallon has once again taken to Twitter to try to drum up some hilarious, and inevitably embarrassing stories about users’ parents — specifically about moms. In honor of Mother’s Day, Fallon is asking people to use the hashtag #momquotes to share the weirdest, most inappropriate, and most confusing things their lovely mothers have said. The best answers will be featured on an upcoming segment of The Tonight Show. As always, Fallon’s call to action is yielding solid results. And while many of the quotes are at expense of moms, some of the choicest ones were those in which moms roasted dads. As we love a good dad burn, here are some of our favorites:

Angela’s Mom’s Fashion Advice

Lia Rae’s Mom’s Thumb’s Down

Fatherly IQ
  1. In the event of a global catastrophe, how prepared are you and your family?
    We’ve got our go-bags prepped and are ready to leave at a moment’s notice.
    We have some emergency supplies, but we’re not full-blown “preppers.”
    We’re not very prepared.
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Annie’s Mom’s Honest Question

Ari Kagan’s Mom’s Three-Letter Burn

Jessica’s Mom’s Non-Chalant Shade

For keeping us all in check, we salute you moms.