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Will Ferrell Is A Dad Who Begins A Life Of Crime For His Kid In ‘The House’ Trailer

Whether he was keeping it classy in San Diego, kicking ass with Mark Wahlberg, or surviving a horse tranquilizer to the jugular, Will Ferrell has been your (and America’s) favorite funny man for over a decade. And in his upcoming film The House, he’s bringing that dimwitted yet lovable comedic charm to the realm of parenting. Ferrell and Amy Poehler play a couple who are thrilled when their daughter gets into the college of her dreams. However, things turn sour when they don’t have enough tuition money. Like any good parents, they’re willing to do whatever it takes to give their kid a happy life … even if that means opening up an illegal casino in their basement.

The duo is unsurprisingly hilarious in the trailer, and Ferrell perfectly sums up the necessary evils that come with raising a kid when he says, “We gotta lie. That’s what parents do. Cause otherwise the kids are gonna realize we don’t know what we’re doing!” As you might expect, their scheme heightens to absurd levels, and their antics include possibly the first-ever mom fight club — captured on screen, that is.


The movie is set to be released June 30 of this year and also stars Jason Mantzoukas, Rob Huebel, and Ryan Simpkins as Ferrell and Poehler’s oblivious daughter. You may want to leave the kids with a babysitter for this one, as this hysterical raunchfest is rated R for language throughout, sexual references, drug use, some violence and brief nudity. Since you’re probably willing to commit a crime for them too, you’ve earned this one.